No matter whether you are an IT company active in the hardware and software sector or in the field of open source projects; whether you offer your customers managed services, software-as-a-service, hosting, cloud or other innovative software solutions; whether the provision of maintenance or support services is part of your offer as an IT service provider; or whether you develop or distribute smartphone applications. We assist you with the legal protection of your business model, be it in the drafting of the corresponding software licence or service agreements, be it in contract negotiations (of course also on the customer side) or in the context of special cooperations in the IT sector, which is in subject to constant changes and further developments due to global innovation activities. Since statutory provisions often lag behind as far as the above-mentioned is concerned, it is all the more important for the protection of one’s own interests as an innovative technology company to have customised contractual regulations in place that reflect and safeguard one’s own business model in the best possible way. Our experienced team of legal counsels can do this for you.


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