Data Privacy

The protection of personal data has been of the utmost importance in the international business environment in recent years. Compliance with the extensive legal requirements, which have once again been made more stringent by the General Data Protection Regulation that finally came into force in 2018, is nowadays an indispensable prerequisite for companies that want to be active on the market in Germany and Europe. Particularly when it comes to a US/international group of companies doing business in EU or Germany, there is a substantial need for advice due to the usually considerable differences as far as the legal framework of data protection is concerned. The fact alone that the competent supervisory authorities may impose severe fines for any breaches of data protection obligations means that disregarding this topic would be downright negligent.

m law group advises you on all aspects of data protection so that your company stays on the safe side as far as data protection is concerned and is able to guarantee and prove its own data privacy compliance to its customers and contractual partners at all times. In this respect, we support you or your data protection officer, for example, in the preparation of the privacy statement for your website, in drafting, reviewing and negotiating of commissioned data processing agreements or internal data protection guidelines, as well as in correspondence with the supervisory authorities. In this respect, our scope of services also includes legal advice on all questions of employee data protection.

Where necessary, we are also happy to arrange for external service providers to act as a data protection officer or a representative for non-EU companies within the internal market, as required by Article 27 of the GDPR, or to conduct a data protection training course for your management staff and employees on request.


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