The scope of advice of m law group also includes the comprehensive area of general commercial law. Here, we support our clients active in the technology sector first of all in all legal questions of contract, commercial and distribution law, whether within a purely German or also international context. We explain to you, which forms of distribution come into consideration for your company (e.g. commercial agents or distributors), which rights and obligations these entail in each case and which contractual issues you should pay particular attention to. We draw upon many years of experience in drafting or negotiating distribution agreements or other standard contracts (e.g. general terms and conditions) tailored to your business.

Also if you plan to enter into cooperation agreements with your contractual partners (such as often the case in the field of research and development), production and supply agreements, quality assurance agreements, or also commercial lease agreements, we will be happy to assist you with our professional advice and expertise at any time in drafting or negotiating the required (framework) agreements as well as in any subsequent issues (e.g. default or breach of contract).

In this context, we also provide legal support with regard to questions frequently arising in connection with the above contracts, especially in the international context, in the field of cartel and foreign trade law (e.g. cartel bans, import and export restrictions), so that we can offer your company a full service in this respect.

In the event that a conflict or legal dispute with the other contracting party is inevitable, we represent your interests both in and out of court: be it to successfully enforce your claims or to defend your legal position against claims. Our German legal counsels act before the courts of ordinary jurisdiction as well as international and national arbitration tribunals.


m law group
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