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JUVE 2009/2010 recommends m law group


4 m law group partners identified as "frequently recommended lawyers"

In its 2009/2010 latest edition JUVE, the leading German law firm directory, recommends m law group in the following categories and practice areas:

Region of Southern Germany
„The Munich law firm wins by its clear focus on IT and Biotechnology, combined with a low cost structure. m law group strengthended especially the area of pharma by recruiting the M&A lawyer Dr. Henning Mennenöh of Hogan Hartson.”

„Law firm focus on Venture Capital and Biotech, with longlasting good US connections.”

Media, Technology and Communication, Information Technology
„Munich IT practice, specialized on advice of the technology industry and internationally orientated. Beside classic IT and transactional business, likewise advice of automotive and biotech companies as well as strategic investors. The small firm with its low cost structure benefits from increasing price conciousness of these industries. In classical IT industry, the firm advised in the areas of Web 2.0, Open Source as well as GreenIT.”

Private Equity and Venture Capital
„The Munich VC-/IT boutique offers by recuitment of the reputed pharma-lawyer Dr. Henning Mennenöh of Hogan & Hartson more breadth. In the IT sector and in general VC, the firm already enjoys good reputation.

The following m law group attorneys were identified as “highly recommended lawyers” in their respective practice areas:
Region of Southern Germany: Rainer Kreifels (Venture Capital, M&A), Dr. Hubert Besner (M&A), Dr. Henning Mennenöh (M&A), Dr. Florian von Baum (IT)
M&A: Dr. Henning Mennenöh
Media, Technology and Communication, Information Technology: Dr. Florian von Baum
Private Equity and Venture Capital: Rainer Kreifels

We like to thank very much our clients, friends and other business partners who gave such very favorable recommendations.

Author: Dr. Hubert Besner
Practice Areas: Mergers & Acquisitions, Start-up & Venture Capital, Business & Technology Transactions