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Know how protection at companies

27.02.2007 - 23.09.2011 | Munich

Dr. Florian von Baum is speaker at the seminar "Know how protection at companies", presented by Management Circle.

Almost half of all espionage crimes in the German economy are commited by the employees. According to a study of 2003, 39 % of the Geman companies became victums of white-collar criminality. Despite this problem, only a very few companies expect to be affected someday. Scarcely anybody wants to envision the risks and least of all the possible threat some employees pose.   Companies are required to identify possible risks at an early stage and to provide for the risks accordingly. Here it is essential to balance costs and benefits and to act within legal regulations.

The event informs how to protect companies by intellectual property rights, employment law and administrative procedures as well as about legal requirements and restrictions for a design to security. ▪ www.managementcircle.de

Event: Management Circle

Practice Area: Business & Technology Transactions, Labour & Employment

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