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Successfully entering the German Market

19.10.2011, 10.00 Uhr - 19.10.2011, 14.00 Uhr | San Diego ▪ USA

Part 1: What you need to know about corporate, commercial & employment legal issues

Peter W. Kremer from m law group, will outline various forms of corporations available for US companies intending to establish business in Germany, as well as a short summary about the current political & economical situation in Germany/EU, and what impact that may have for US companies and investors. The presentation will inform about the difference between a core branch office in Germany and a subsidiary and what kind of presence in Germany for the specific activity should be the preferred way.

Part 2: What you need to know about employed inventors, patent strategy and the up-coming European Community patent

Marcus Grunert from m patent group, Kudlek & Grunert Patentanwälte will will focus on various issues to be observed in regard of inventions by employees in Germany: How to claim the rights to the employee's invention; how to remunerate the inventor; how to establish an effective and simple policy of dealing with employees' inventions. The presentation will then turn to a patent strategy for US companies for effectively protecting their intellectual property in Germany/Europe.

Veranstaltung: German American Chamber of Commerce California
Referenten: Peter W. Kremer, Marcus Grunert
Fachgebiete: Corporate & Compliance, IP-Strategy & Due Diligence, Patente & Gebrauchsmuster

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