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Is Big Brother Watching You?

14.05.2011, 08.30 Uhr - 14.05.2011, 14.00 Uhr | München

Relevant aspects of German data protection laws for employers and employees

As a result of various data protection scandals in recent year where employers violated the rights of its employees, the German government intends to amend the German Data Protection Act with certain provisions, expressively regulating the rights and duties of employer and employees. The amended Act will, notably, include provisions on possibilities of the employer to review the contents of employees' electronic communication, the execution of background checks by the employer as part of a "pre-employment due diligence" and the surveillance of offices with video cameras.

This workshop introduces participants to the major principles of German data protection laws. It demonstrates what employees can do to help preventing a violation of their privacy laws. It gives guidelines to employers on how they can utilize the options of the amended Data Protection Act in a way compliant with German laws.

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Veranstaltung: 6th Annual AGBC Exchange Workshop

Fachgebiet: Labour & Employment

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