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How to structure a company towards an IPO or tradesale

08.05.2006 - 23.09.2011 | München

Rainer Kreifels ist Referent zum Thema "How to structure a company towards an IPO or tradesale" beim Biotech & Finance Forum 2006.

Preparing an IPO or Tradesale requires different preparations and structuring of the business. How can a company create a structure that keeps both IPO and tradesale options open without hindering the progression and growth of the business? At some point a decision will have to be made either way. When is that point, and what restructuring of the business is then required to take the company towards each of the exit routes?  

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Veranstaltung: Europe Unlimited ▪ Biotech & Finance Forum

Fachgebiete: Corporate & Compliance, Mergers & Acquisitions
Branche: Life Science & Biotech

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