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German Labor and Employment Law: Do’s and Dont’s

12.06.2010, 09.00 Uhr - 12.06.2010, 14.00 Uhr | München

German labor and employment law is regulated by EU directives, numerous national laws and extensive case law, both by EU and German courts. It is considered as employee protection law and does not - other than the US legal system – recognize “employment at will”.  

When it comes to setting up an own business and hiring employees for the first time, some founders of start-up companies tend to ignore the principles of German labor and employment law, as in this phase, other issues such as raising funds, seem more pressing. This might be regretted at a later stage, for example when the most important key employee leaves for the fiercest competitor, taking the company’s IP and know-how, and a well-rehearsed team of employees, with him.  

This workshop introduces participants to the major principles of German labor and employment law and demonstrates the do’s and don’ts, which not only founders of start-up companies need to know.   Topics include: Discrimination-free hiring; implementation of flexible employment terms and conditions; protection of the company’s IP and know-how; prevention of risky and time-consuming unfair dismissal law suits.

Speaker: Axel A. Heltzel

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Veranstaltung: AGBC Knowledge Exchange Workshop

Fachgebiet: Labour & Employment

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