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Unfair Competition & other IP Rights

Our IP practice is also concerned with unfair competition and supplementary protection, insofar as no other rights, especially registered rights, are available. This comprises advising in the fields of know-how protection and protection of trade or company secrets.

Finally, we are also active in more "exotic" fields of law, for example in plant variety protection and semiconductor topographies.

Especially plant variety protection is becoming more and more important. The breeder or discoverer of a new plant variety can obtain plant variety protection for Germany. He can also seek EU-wide protection by filing an application  with the EU Plant Variety Office in Angers (France).

Protection of semiconductor topographies, i.e. the three dimensional structure of chips, is also available. These structures must show a degree of individuality, and may not be mere copies.

Protection can also be obtained for typographical characters. Formerly a seperate form of protection, this is now included in design protection.