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Trade Marks & Domains

Please feel free to contact us, if you have an idea for a trade mark, even if you already use the sign, or if you are about to establish a company under a certain name and want to have the name checked with regard to prior name rights. Trade mark protection is not only available for words, letters, numbers or logos, but also, in principle, for colors, shapes and acoustic signals. We can assist you in the filing of your trade mark in Germany, Europe or most countries all over the world.

We recommend that you implement trade mark monitoring to duly challenge competitors using the same or similar trade marks. We have long standing experience in settling potential trade mark conflicts outside the courts. If required, we can represent you in the courts to enforce your rights.

Internet domains, like trade marks, are essential instruments to strengthen your position in the market. We will assist you in the selection and registration of your domain, as well as in securing such a domain through a trade mark. We can  represent you in any disputes relating to internet domains.

Titles - i.e. names of books, magazines, films, pieces of music, computer programs and games are, even without a registration, protected by law through use,  if certain requirements are fulfilled. We can advise you.