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Patents & Utility Models

We have long standing experience in the preparation of patent filings and in the representation of clients in patent prosecution proceedings. Our core areas of work are engineering, optics, control engineering and semiconductor technology. Other specialties are computer technology in general, various kinds of software based procedures, genetic engineering, nanotechnology and food technology.

The filing of a utility model may be a quick and inexpensive alternative to filing a patent, in particular, if your invention has already been published. We are happy to answer your questions in relation to utility models.

In principle, patents may be filed in almost any country in the world. We have the experience and the necessary contacts to assist with foreign patent prosecution. We are happy to discuss with you potential strategies, costs and economic benefits.  

If you own a patent, you will wish to enforce your legal position against your competitors. In this connection, it is reasonable not only to watch the business activities of your competitors, but also to monitor any patent filings relevant to your business. To protect your legal position we closely cooperate with the attorneys of m law group.

Even if you do not intend to file a patent for your innovation, it is advisable to conduct a search with regard to potentially conflicting older rights. It is advisable that, prior to any development or distribution of a product, you have research done by our specialists, to find out about existing older patents. By doing so, unnecessary double work and conflicts may be avoided.