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Who owns "your" invention? Reform of German Act on Employees' Invention 2009

08.07.2009 - 23.09.2011 | Munich

Inventions, patents, IP rights – technology companies need to ensure to own their technology. However, employees often claim inventions for themselves if the company does not comply with the regulations of the Act on Employees’ Inventions.

This can lead to fatal results: You may incur costs when asserting legal rights, have to deal with damage claims, or, worst case, your company may be prevented from using its new technology.

  • What can you do to avoid such a situation?
  • How can you protect your company?
  • Which regulations will apply after the forthcoming reform of the German Act on Employees’ Inventions?

These questions will be answered by lawyers and patent attorneys at the TechLaw Conference 2009.

Dr. Florian von Baum Marcus Grunert
Partner m law groupPartner m patent group

Thomas Kudlek

Partner m patent group

Dr. Florian Steinbauer

Patentanwalt m patent group

Event: m law group ▪ TechLaw Konferenz 2009
Speakers: Marcus Grunert, Thomas Kudlek, Dr. Florian Steinbauer
Practice Area: Business & Technology Transactions, IP-Strategy & Due Diligence, Trade Marks & Domains, Patents & Utility Models, Designs & Copyrights, Unfair Competition & other IP Rights

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