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Data Privacy/IT Security ▪ Competitive Intelligence and Corporate Espionage

06.11.2008, 11.16 Uhr - 06.11.2008, 11.17 Uhr | Barcelona ▪ Spanien

Dr. Florian von Baum is speaker at the panel "Data Privacy/IT Security: Competitive Intelligence and Corporate Espionage", which reviews the scope of permissible corporate intelligence-gathering; assessment of espionage risk, both internal and external; protection of corporate IP, trade secrets and mission critical technologies from attack.

About ITechLaw: The conference will focus on how IT issues in global business, and their related legal issues, have evolved from being merely one specialist detail of a business/transaction to being its primary driver. This theme can be detected in various trends which this conference will explore in more detail, such as: the increasing focus on content, rather than delivery issues, as evidenced by  the New Media and telco convergence; the way that technology R&D has been driving change  throughout the communications industry at an unprecedented rate, enabling new service capabilities  for consumers, and challenging service provider businesses; the search for new Internet business models, and resulting new IP licensing issues; the corporate expectation that IP departments be revenue-generating rather than cost centres; and the central role technology plays even in so-called “non-IT” business process outsourcing transactions. ▪ www.itechlaw.org

Veranstaltung: ITechLaw ▪ 2008 European Conference

Fachgebiet: Business & Technology Transactions

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